Ontario Government Launches an online Consultation 

Published 6/9/2018

Three week online public consultation

Ontario’s Government continues to take action in restoring trust and accountability in the province’s public finances. Treasury Board President Peter Bethlenfalvy announced the next step in engaging with Ontarians by launching a three week online public consultation.

Planning for Prosperity Consultation

The Planning for Prosperity consultation complements the line-by-line review of all government programs and services.

“It is important that Ontarians have a direct say in how government can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of provincial programs and services, while avoiding job cuts,” said Minister Bethlenfalvy. “We will continue listening to the people of Ontario about what matters most to them, and we will use what we hear to ensure our vital public services are affordable and sustainable, both now and in the years to come.”

Through this consultation, Ontarians will have the opportunity to rank the importance and effectiveness of a range of government services. This consultation will allow people, including members of the Ontario Public Service, to suggest new ideas to transform the way those services are delivered in an open and transparent way.

“Premier Doug Ford and our government are committed to restoring accountability and trust in how taxpayers’ money is spent,” added Minister Bethlenfalvy. “These consultations and the line-by-line review will help us improve public services so that Ontarians have confidence that their money is being spent with prudence and care.”

August 29 to September 21, 2018

• The Planning for Prosperity online consultation  (August 29 – Sept 21, 2018) is part of the government’s comprehensive line-by-line review of all government programs and services.

• On August 10, 2018 EY Canada was chosen as the successful applicant to conduct the line-by-line review after a thorough evaluation, and based on the selection criteria set out in the public request for bids. The review will provide a detailed analysis of current spending, benchmark against other jurisdictions, and identify areas for improvement, including efficiencies and cost savings.

• Ontario has the highest subnational debt of any jurisdiction in the world. The line-by-line review will establish a more sustainable baseline to ensure a fiscally healthy government for future generations.

Learn about the progress the Ontario’s Government is making delivering on our promise to take decisive action to address Ontario’s urgent issues here.

CONTACT: Hayden Kenez, Minister’s Office, 647-282-2815

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