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Discover Magazine is now in “Pocket Version” !

For over the past seven months, we have been undergoing a global transformation unlike any other we have experienced in modern times. There has become an urgency to implement and adapt to this new world. In areas of education, e-learning has become a necessity and been intensely adopted. Information technology has enabled many businesses to more easily transition into e-commerce. There has also been tremendous growth in online journalism.

The Discover magazine team has always been attentive to innovations in the virtual world and has decided to change its format to a pocket version. By being mobile-friendly in a PDF file, the new magazine format will provide readers with a more convenient and practical experience.

The magazine’s new version will allow for increased interactions between readers and advertisers by making available links to connect to their websites, blogs and social networks.

By using paper wisely, we can enjoy reading while helping to save our precious trees!


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