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Leila Monteiro Lins
Founder & CEO



Leila Monteiro Lins has more than 35 years of experience in journalism and marketing, including media relations, event planning and the development of communication strategies.

Leila has worked in an advertising agency, mainstream media (magazines, newspapers, television and radio) and different industry sectors, before opening her own agency.

LML Communication and Marketing was created in 1996 in Brazil. Among LML’s many achievements were the development and launch of the city of Pedro Leopoldo’s communication department.

In 1997, Leila served as special events and promotions vice-director of the Brazilian Communication Fellowship (Aberje Minas), a non-profit association that stimulates the interchange of information and promotes social communication through event marketing.

In February 2000, Leila re-located to Canada seeking new challenges. As she establishes herself, Leila works as a consultant, writer and on-air commentator.

A new branch of LML Communication and Marketing was created in the city of Toronto in 2004 and in that same year Leila was invited by CBC-Radio Canada International to be their correspondent.

 Leila worked as a Marketing director of the Brazilian Association in Ontario, Canada (Group Brasil) for four years. She was responsible for the implementation of marketing, communication, and media strategies.

In April 2010, Leila founded Discover magazine in Canada. Previously printed and distributed twice yearly, the magazine recently changed to its new digital format  in October 2020, facilitating online availability in a “pocket version“. Discover has gone through quite an evolution over the years, always innovating, adapting, changing. The new format offers readers a pdf version, which is very convenient.
***All editions of DISCOVER Magazine are available at https://magazinediscover.com/discover-digital/   


DISCOVER Magazine‘s targets are:

  • The multicultural Canadian society with appeal to the Portuguese speaking communities;
  • Immigrants who are already living or planning to move to Canada;
  • Students that choose Canada to improve their English or French.
  • Entrepreneurs from Brazil and Portugal interested in doing business with Canada.

PORTAL DISCOVER  (Online communication channel):

Newsletter – DISCOVER News (Twice a month) 

  • The Newsletter provides news and entertainment, while supporting entrepreneurs. And much more!
  • Objectives
    • To connect the Portuguese-speaking community in Canada;
    • To promote events organized by associations or individuals aiming to spread Brazilian and Portuguese culture and business in Canada;
    • To make known success stories and community initiatives;
    • To inform the community about current news taking place in Canada, Brazil and Portugal.


Jandy Sales – EDITOR

Jandy has experience in radio, television, newspaper and magazine. He has already received three awards as a documentary filmmaker.



Caio Quindere

Playwright, Writer, and Copywriter. With over 20 years of experience in Communication, Education and Arts, Caio has published plays, films for cinema and TV and published books. Expertise in managing cultural and social projects.


Allessandra Cintra

Allessandra Cintra has over 20 years of experience in journalism, having worked for the press office of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil. Cintra has a degree in Management and Marketing from the University of Brasília and Centennial College, in Canada.


Former Editor

Ingrid Coifman

Former Executive Editor

Ingrid Coifman is a journalist with over 12 years of experience in Radio, TV, and newspaper, having specialized in economy, tourism and culture related reports and broadcasts for important communication vehicles, including Culture Television and CBN Radio. Also well-known in the public relations field, she promoted top-notch corporations such as McDonalds and Microsoft Inc. in Northeastern Brazil.

Passionate about online media, Ingrid has contributed to ethnic newspapers in Toronto and worked as an events coordinator and volunteer developer for local non-profit organizations. She joined Discover’s team in the beginning of 2010 and is enthusiastic about bringing different news angles to Canadian readers.

Teresa Oliveira


Teresa is responsible for the coordination and control of Discover magazine’s production.

Maria Helena Amaral

Maria Helena is a journalist specializing in corporate communications. For over 17 years she has worked for public relations firms and non-governmental organizations.

Rosana Dias Lancsarics

is a journalist and Public Relations. In Brazil, she has worked for companies such as Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper, Exame Magazine, Fiat Automoveis, and Embraer. In Canada, her experience includes the communications teams of Toronto Pan Am/Parapan Games and Prostate Cancer Canada.


Danielle Marinho

Danielle Marinho is a journalist and huge sports fan. From Rio de Janeiro, she has been working as an international correspondent, public relations manager and social media expert. She continues to write from Brazil.

Elida dos Santos

Elida is journalist who specializes in corporate communications.

Flávia Agnello

Flávia is a journalist specialized in the mining sector. She worked for Radiobras and Radioweb agencies in Brazil.

Julio Santos

Julio is a journalist who specializes in energy matters. He is also one of the directors of "Ambiente Energia"

Reginaldo Heller

Reginaldo is a journalist, and served as editor of economics and finance newspaper in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. He was a press secretary of the Central Bank of Brazil. He is presently a columnist and commentator.


Andreia Major

Andreia Major is economist by training and journalist by heart. Her career has been divided between numbers and letters. She worked as a journalist in a known Portuguese business daily and last year embraced a new professional challenge in an Agency for Development and Cohesion, where currently she works as an economist in the field of regional policy.

Gwen McCauley

Off the beaten path adventurer, writer for small businesses and about culinary travel. Portugal's rich food culture is Gwen’s culinary tour focus, plus publishing Algarve Dining and articles to numerous social media sites.


Cecilia Chin

Joan Sheppard


Bruna Lopes

Bruna Lopes is a web designer and graphic designer expert in digital marketing and visual arts. She started her business in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais in 2010. In her portfolio there are clients in different areas such as engineering, public administration, advocacy and communication. www.agenciavetta.com.br


David Burke - Canada

David Burke is a Canadian event photographer who enjoys Brazilian culture and music.

Diego Barros - Brazil

Diego is a photographer passionate about wildlife and flora. Through his lens, he gives readers remarkable shots , bringing out sensibility and impressive authenticity.


Giselle Norões

Coordinator - CANADA

With more than 10 years of career as journalist, Giselle Norões has been a press officer in Brazil, also having experience in television, radio, magazine, online journalism and social media.

Nilton Júnior

Journalist Nilton Júnior has over 15 years working in different TV Stations in Brazil, where he has gotten experience as a National Reporter, Newscaster, Editor-in-chief, and Text Editor.


Andressa Missio

is a Brazilian journalist that works on TV for the last 15 years. She had already worked for companies such as CBN, Globo, Globonews and Band. Nowadays, Andressa is presenter and chief editor on a Record TV program. She is also agribusiness specialist, and writes from Espírito Santo to Discover.


Caio Quinderé

has more than 15 years of experience in journalism and marketing. Quinderé writes for theater, film and television, as well as publishing books and articles in the field of communication, education, and the arts. He Lives in Almada, Setúbal - Portugal.