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Canada is the country with the best reputation in the world

Canada is the country with the best reputation in the world, Brazil is in 22 °

Canada is the country with the best reputation in the world . The country got 74.76 points in 2011 RepTrak Country survey, which collected the opinions of 42 000 persons over 51 countries on five continents – Brazil was the only 22 th place.

“Canada is a country that is highly rated because it is attractive for tourism, has a government that runs with righteousness and with ethics and has a strong economy,” said Efe, Ana Isabel Martinez, spokeswoman for the Reputation Institute Colombia, the organization responsible for the study.

After Canada, Sweden comes with 74.66 points, Australia (74.25), Switzerland (74.16), New Zealand (73.12), Norway (73.09), Denmark (71.53), Finland (70.51), Austria (69.43) and the Netherlands (68.69).

The report of the Reputation Institute, “the reputation of these countries is attributed to its high levels of democracy, its per capita wealth, their society and their position stabilized in a certain neutrality in international conflicts.”

In Latin America, Brazil is the country with the best reputation and occupies 22 th place in overall ranking, registering 54.56 points, a grade higher than U.S., who scored 52.87 points.

Argentina is in 24th position on the global list, Peru on 28, Chile, 31; Mexico, 35; Venezuela, 38, and Bolivia, 39. The latter classification was 21.78 points with Iraq and Iran came in second last, with 22.65 points.

The report concludes that “the reputation generates economic value, since there is a direct correlation between this and the desire to visit the country, buy your products and services, invest, study, live or work in it.”

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