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YMCA Extends its Services Online


YMCA Newcomer Information Centre, funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, has been serving the community for more than 20 years as the first stop for many newcomers coming to Toronto. Its services ensure that newcomers to Canada receive relevant and up-to-date information.  So, they are able to make informed decisions and to adapt and integrate easier into Canadian society. YMCA has seven centers across the city allowing newcomers to find the nearest location to get the services.

For more detailed addresses and updated  information of working hours:


YMCA Newcomer Information Centre extended its service online:

YMCA’s online services are very similar to its services in person, which include:

A) Personalized Settlement Plan with Information and Referrals : Government Benefits,  Immigration and Citizenship, Employment, Education and Training, Credential Assessment,  Language Training, Health, Housing and much more.

After your registration with YMCA’s services, Information and Referral Specialist will conduct a  customized need assessment to know your better, in order to help you find the best programs  and services meet your needs. A personalized settlement plan will be generated according to  your needs. For example, you may need  to provide information about your working  experience and your employment goal, in order to help you find the programs government  funded which can guide you go back to your own career.

B) One-on-One Live Chat – YMCA has IRSs available online during the working hours. You can initiate the conversation by clicking Live Chat logo on our platform. Talk to our IRSs about the questions you have, the services you would like to get, and YMCA will provide you the information and referrals

C) Webinars cover topics of “Life in Canada”, “Study in Canada”, and “Work in Canada”.

YMCA offers weekly webinars covering different topics about the things you need to start your new life in Canada: such as Your Road to Employment – talking about different pathways for newcomers with different background and employment goals to find job in Canada, as well as various resources and programs government funded to specifically designed for newcomers for their job search.

YMCA invites guest speakers from other service provider to introduce their services and programs. Newcomers will have an opportunity to communicate with them to find out whether that’s the service or program you need.

You can join YMCA with the live webinars. Or if you are not available at the time YMCA provides the webinar and you can always view the recording after 48 hours of the webinar delivered.

D) Community Connection activities to networking and practice language skills.

One of the best practice for newcomers come to Canada is to start building your personal and professional networking here as soon as possible. YMCA offers this remote networking opportunities for  newcomer’s clients 4 days a week.

People are sharing their experience, information and knowledge of their settlement process, with the guidance of our experienced IRSs. If English is not your first language, this activity is the best way for you to making friends with other newcomers while practice your language skills.

E) Online Forum for discussion, and questions. Our Information Referral Specialists will respond to your questions.

YMCA’s clients are posting their questions, initiating discussion around the topics of settlement in Canada. You are welcome to do so as well. YMCA’s IRSs will respond to your questions or comments, while other clients might share their experience with you as well.

There are other resources on our online platform you can explore by yourself, blogs sharing the tips of settlement down in Canada, recorded video for Life in Canada and so on.


Landed Immigrants and Convention Refugees benefit most from YMCA’s services. A self-helped, simple 3- step registration is required before you get access to our platform https://nextstop

1st Step   provide your contact information;

2nd Step  –  fill out the basic information about yourself and your family members;

3rd Step  let YMCA knows what’s the information and services you’re looking for. ∙ Last but not least, don’t forget to upload your immigration document for us to determine your eligibility for our program.

Once you registered, you will receive a welcoming email from our platform with your username, and the link allows you to reset your password. With your username and password, you are starting your journey with us!

If you are not sure about your eligibility, or have any question regarding our registration, feel free to contact YMCA at


YMCA Language Assessment and Referral Center provides language skill assessment (both French and English), and referrals to government funded language training programs;

YMCA Newcomer Youth Leadership Development for newcomer youth 13-24 years old, helps them get a positive settlement experience and became engaged members of the community.

NextStop Canada Pre-arrival Services provides pre-arrival support for people immigrating to Canada: if you have your family members, or your friends immigrating to Canada, now they can start settlement preparation before they pack their luggage. Visit to know more detail about this services.

YMCA Newcomer Information Centre wishes you have a smooth and successful settlement in Canada and look forward to e-meeting you online soon!


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Lúcia Scalco

Lucia has lived lived in Toronto since 2017. She currently works at the YMCA Newcomer Information Center and is a member of the Conselho Brasileiro de Cidadania de Ontário.

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