DISCOVER is Celebrating!

Published 6/03/2019

A decade ago, our magazine was born with the mission to introduce Canadians to the Portuguese-Brazilian culture. Since then, our project has expanded to embrace more international news, events and success stories not only in Canada, but also in Brazil and Portugal.

By putting this community on the spotlight through meaningful journalistic coverage, important recognition and awards were collected along the way.

Our team is honoured to share some of the highlights of these past years.

We look forward to continuing to reinvent ourselves in reporting the remarkable path of Portuguese-speaking people across the globe, always treasuring our heritage and celebrating achievements over the next years!

Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão and Toronto Mayor John Tory gave me a congratulation letter  during the celebration of  Discover Magazine’s 10th Anniversary, March 6, 2019.

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We began as Discover Brazil in 2010, and since then our magazine has promoted Brazilian culture, tourism and business opportunities.

In 2014, we added Portugal and Canada to our coverage and expanded our editorial line to include the Portuguese communities living in three different countries.

To represent the vast culture of these three countries, we revamped and rebranded our magazine now simply as, DISCOVER. Because discovering Brazil, Portugal and Canada should be both easy and uncomplicated.

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Leila Monteiro LIns

Leila has more than 35 years of experience in journalism and marketing. In April 2010, LML launched Discover magazine in Canada.

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