Explore Ottawa during the pandemic

Enjoy Discover 4 Tips 

From outdoor skating to night skiing, there are many outdoor activities you can enjoy in Ottawa. Check out Discover’s list of safe outdoor activities that you can do.

1 – Go Ice Skating

Located in neighborhoods throughout Ottawa are outdoor skating rinks. So get your skates and go skating! Reservations are required.

Rink of Dreams
Lansdowne Park Skating Court
Ben Franklin Place Skating Rink

2-  Enjoy Tobogganing

Tobogganing is hands down the favourite winter activity for many, especially the young ones. So why not grab your favourite sled and get ready to slide. The snowy hills at Gatineau Park offer some of the region’s best sledding experience. For sledding hills, the city has applied a the 25-person capacity. List of sledding hills in Ottawa.

3 – Go on a Ride

Fat biking is a wonderful way to keep warm in winter. Head over to SJAM Winter Trail or the Britannia Winter trail. Gatineau Park also has over 30 kms of snow biking trails that can be
accessed with a snow biking pass.

4 – Discover Gatineau Park

Discover stunning landscapes, spectacular trails, and winter adventure at the park. This all-season park is now a winter wonderland, where you can enjoy cross-country skiing, snow biking,
snowshoeing, hiking, as well as overnight camping.

Source: Discover | Destination Canada