Film Brésilien de Montréal

By Leila Monteiro Lins

The opening of the 7th edition of du Film Brésilien de Montréal will take place on Friday, November 1st to November 7th, 2013, at the Cinéma du Parc, in Montréal. Subtitles are in English and French.

The award winning movie Gonzaga, directed by Breno Silveira, will kick off the seven days of the festival, on November 1st, at 7 PM (19:00).

Brazil Film Fest is a film festival fully dedicated to Brazilian cinema! The Brazilian film production of recent years is being recognized everywhere for its quality and diversity. The festival showcases a selection of great movies from the new wave of Brazilian filmmaking, all taking place over four days in Toronto. Among fiction features and documentaries, the festival is a chance to see some truly creative and audacious films – both in form and content.


Brazil Film Fest proudly presents Gonzaga, the film tells the true story of Luiz Gonzaga, one of the biggest names in Brazilian popular music, who was responsible for creating the Northeastern rhythm called Baião and making it popular throughout the country. The conflicts he had with his son, Gonzaguinha, form the central line of the screenplay directed by Breno Silveira. And such difficulties between them were not incidental. Gonzaguinha is another important figure in Brazilian popular music. His songs were slightly less popular, but no less intense. The father was born in the countryside of Pernambuco; the son was from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro.

The first album released by Gonzaguinha, “Luiz Gonzaga Jr.”, celebrates the 40th anniversary of these suburbs in 2013. The record focuses on Gonzaguinha as the central character of his creations, where he distills his acid views of the world. On the screen, the trajectories of these two musical masters, both now dead, recreate the world they grew up in, their innocence being abandoned at a young age, and reflect the bittersweetness of their lives.

About Breno Silveira

Photographer, director and partner of the production company Filmes since 1996, Breno Silveira got attention immediately on his debut feature film as cinematographer of the film Carlota Joaquina (1995), directed by Carla Camurati . After he graduated from the Ecole Louis Lumière in Paris, he worked on over 20 feature-length films as an assistant or as a cinematographer. He directed his first feature film with Two Sons of Francisco, the most watched film in Brazil in 2005 with more than five million viewers. In 2012, he launched Along the Way, winner of five awards at CINE-PE Audiovisual Festival 2012.


What: Festival du Film Brésilien de Montreal

When: November 1st to 7th

Where: Cinema du Parc (3575, avenue du Parc) – Montreal, Qc

How much: $11.50 (each film) or $45 (6 films)

For more information, contact or visit

Leila Monteiro Lins

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