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Ufly simulator helps people get over fear of flying

By Discover | 25/08/2020

Welcome to one of the most sophisticated and realistic publicly available flight simulators in the world! The B 777-200ER, or “tripple” as it is affectionately known in the aviation community, is the most meticulously detailed high performance airline transport category aircraft you will ever step into, short of becoming a real 777 captain.

From the first moment you step into it, you will be overcome by its striking magnificence.

Ufly Simulator Inc. is a flight simulation company in Mississauga, Ontario,  opens to the public to provide customers with an exciting and memorable experience of flying an airplane. Aviophobes can tackle their turbulence terrors via a three-hour, one-on-one course with  an instructor.

To experience the simulator may be made by calling (416) 777-2261 or by visiting the website at