Canada is celebrating 150 years


By Ingrid Coifman, Leila Monteiro Lins & Rosana Dias Lancsarics | Mar 27, 2017


This year, Canada is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Across the country, many will be taking part in this major national milestone.

Canadians will be celebrating the creation of the Dominion of Canada by an Act of the British Parliament in 1867. The British North America Act brought together the self-governing colonies of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and gave them a written constitution. The other provinces and territories joined later.

According to reports, Ontario will be spending approximately $ 7 million to support more than 350 events across the province. It opted to create its own Ontario 150 anniversary logo.In an interview with The Canadian Press, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he hopes to use Canada’s celebrations as a time to “really connect with Canadians.”

Heritage Minister Melanie Joly, who is the lead minister for coordinating, planning and funding official “Canada -150” events, said that it will be a “year-long celebration of the rich heritage and cultural diversity that make Canada a great place to live.” Joly highlighted that the anniversary should be a moment of reflection and celebrations should be based on the respect for pluralism and official languages. “We must move forward together in the spirit of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples to make sure that Canada’s next 150 years leave a better legacy than the past,” she added.

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A Snapshot of Canada

Canada is home to more than 35 million people. The country is the second largest in the world. Today, more than 20% of people living here were born outside the country, which means that more 7 million Canadians call another country home.

Diversity is Canada’s strength | La diversité est la force du Canada “We are better country – a stronger, more successful country – because of it. Canada’s story proves that diversity and inclusion work not just as inspirational values, but as proven path to peace and prosperity. ” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Photo by Art Babych)

Did you know?

The Canada 150 logo is a stylized maple leaf made up of multi-coloured diamond shapes, designed by a University of Waterloo student. The winning design was chosen from 300 entries in a contest.

The Bank of Canada will release a commemorative $10 banknote for Canada’s sesquicentennial, which will be available by Canada Day.

Canada 150 Mosaic project will gather 150 interconnected murals created across the country, depicting a train travelling coast-to-coast across Canada. Each mural will be made up of hundreds of tiles painted by individual Canadians.

For Canada 150, the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa will plant 30,000 Maple Leaf tulip bulbs.
The Toronto Blue Jays baseball team will be wearing special red-and-white uniforms at select games during the 2017 season to mark Canada.