Solidarity: Volunteer Advances in a Virtual World

Expanding opportunities during and post-pandemic

By Ingrid Coifman | August 26, 2021

Virtual volunteer service remains in high demand during the pandemic. For those with access to technology, the flexibility and convenience of activities are among the greatest benefits.  Look into various remote volunteer opportunities to network and help the community while gaining experience with support and personal development.

During the pandemic, solidarity actions became even more common in the daily lives of most people. Many embraced the initiatives and began to support neighbours and those in vulnerable situations informally.  Writing letters, sewing masks, and delivering food were some of the activities initiated by the volunteers. With social isolation and more time available, they found opportunities to use their professional skills to benefit the community through social organizations.

The “Volunteering Lens of COVID-19” survey conducted in 2020 by Volunteer Canada, collaborating with Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada (VMPC), revealed a growth in virtual volunteer services over the past year. Approximately 69% of Canadian volunteers indicated flexibility in carrying out the activity as the main advantage. In addition, about 58% of them believe that their technological knowledge has increased during the service provided.

Opportunities on the Rise

In the wake of the pandemic, the growth of virtual volunteering is prompting more organizations to amp up in providing online opportunities. About 41% of social entities in the country say they are already in the process of developing virtual volunteering.  NGOs are already predicting that 50% of new vacancies will continue to be filled remotely.

According to a 2018 survey conducted by Statistics Canada, Canadians have dedicated five billion hours to volunteer activities. This equates to over 2.5 million full-time jobs annually.  About 74% of Canadians volunteered informally, representing 3.4 billion hours.

According to the survey, some of the main motivations for volunteering were improving resumes and job opportunities, community well-being, religious motivations, and supporting hospital sectors, along with sports and culture.

Online Opportunities

If you are interested in professional networking, a recommendation is Latincouver, a non-profit organization that brings together Latin Americans and enthusiasts.  Based in Vancouver, their goal is to generate professional connections and help entrepreneurs to make their businesses successful.  The organization’s events and programs include business and culture, such as Carnaval de Sol, the Latin-Canadian Professional Network, Inspirational Latin Awards, Expo Plaza, and Amigo Card, among others.

There are currently openings for Project and Events Assistant, Social Media Coordinator, HR Assistant, Project Coordinator, and Graphic Designer.

For more information and to inquire about these and other available positions:

Brazilians Connected via Volunteering

If you want to contribute to your community, reach out to Networking for Brazilians (NBP).  NPB is a non-profit group created by and for Brazilians from various parts of Canada.  It aims to promote a connection between Brazilians and to strengthen the community.  It was founded in June 2018 and has been expanding its activities to form representation hubs in British Columbia and the Atlantic provinces (NB, NL, PEI & NS).

Programs include Workshop, Parenting, Conversation Wheel, TaxTax Clinic, among other services. Those interested in volunteering should send an email to:

For more information:

Training & Letters of Recommendation

If you want to offer online support and training, contact the Certified Listeners Society.  It is a federal, non-profit organization that provides year-round emotional support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Volunteers contribute over 150,000 hours annually through support chats, providing immediate help and access to people in need remotely.  Under the supervision of a professional team, volunteers receive training and a letter of recommendation when they have completed 50 hours of service.

For more information:

Personal Development and Youth Leadership

For those who like to help someone with personal development, connect with the Low Entropy Foundation. The foundation offers opportunities that help facilitate growth, connection, and self-introspection. Through support groups and many free programs, the foundation endeavors to make personal development accessible. The Youth Empowering Youth (YEY), for example, is led by teenagers who encourage support and empower young leaders.

Volunteer opportunities include blog writer, administrative assistant, program coordinator, volunteer coordinator, event planner, and marketing specialist.

For more information:







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Ingrid Coifman

Ingrid has over 20 years experience in radio, TV, and print media. She has reported extensively about technology, tourism, and culture for TV Cultura and Ràdio CBN. More recently, she has been an event coordinator and volunteer at several non-profit organizations in Toronto and Vancouver.

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