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Virtual tours: See the selection of free videos.

Published: 18/09/2020

The natural exuberance of Canadian parks impresses about 16 million live tourists each year. They are mountains, forests, lakes and waterfalls to fill the eyes that, during the pandemic, was only in the memory of many people. But, even with the current travel restrictions, anyone who wants to relive beyond memories or visit these places for the first time can count on the help of technology. Dozens of free videos, short or long, are available on the internet, which reveal part of Canadian wonders.

They may not bring all the excitement of the live experience, but they are already there to help plan your next trip. Especially because, if the desire to check in person increases after them, some of the selected sites also give tips for putting together a complete script.

Parks Canada

The government agency  Parks Canada  offers a huge repertoire of virtual tours that showcase the natural beauty of various parts of the country, which can be explored in many ways. On the official website, it is possible to visit more than 160 selected places through Street View for Google Maps images   at  .

But if the option is for 360 degree videos, there is a complete series available at  or on the government agency’s YouTube page, which can be accessed at  . There are 27 videos that include spectacular images such as those of the  Chilkoot Trail Scenic Tour  (trail of 54 kilometers through the mountains of the west coast that leads from British Columbia to Alaska) or  The Dunes of Prince Edward Island  (the great dunes that are on the north coast of the Atlantic Canadian).

And if 360º photos and videos arouse interest for more options, Parks Canada’s YouTube   features several other series on its home page . Just choose. On the institution’s website, there is the possibility to download an application to plan your trip ( ), with attractions and games about the parks also for children.

Canada 360º

The World Tours page is another option to see stunning Canadian landscapes from all angles and views. It is free and available at

Travel Alberta

The official tourism agency of the Province of Alberta maintains a YouTube page with 360º videos of the attractions of the region at  . But it is also worth checking out two other series on the page:  Ready , which offers suggestions of what to do during the trip (  ) and  Stargazing in Alberta , with stunning videos of the magnificent Canadian starry sky in contrast to the province’s landscapes (  ).

One of the great regional highlights,  Banff National Park , has its own page of the tourism promotion agency of the reserve,  Banff & Lake Louise Turism , which offers virtual tours at°-tours .

Ontario Parks

On the YouTube of Ontario province parks ( ), which has more than 330 parks, in an area of ​​9 million hectares, the tip is to explore the videos that show the leisure options in all seasons at .

But, if the objective is to know more about specific reservations, there are special pages with a range of beautiful images, such as  The friends of Algonquin Park  at be , and  Friends of Killarney Park  at

Source: CCBC

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