New Immigrants to Quebec now have to take a values test

The Guide 

Published 12/02/2020

Newcomers to Quebec will now have to take a test to prove their values align with those of the provincial government.

As of the beginning of 2020, a new bill aims to ensure immigrants are familiar with and supportive of the “democratic values” of the province.


 drives home such principles as the fact that Quebec is a French-speaking, democratic, secular society with equality between men and women. The guide to the test makes sure to emphasize that there are certain “rules and social codes that make Quebec society what it is.”

The test allegedly aims to aid in immigrants’ integration and long-term settlement across the province, and also to ensure newcomers “are able to fully participate, in French, in Québec society, in particular by integrating into the labour market.”

Those taking the 20-question test must achieve a score of at least 75 per cent to remain in the province, though they have the chance to retake it two additional times if they fail. Refugees and anyone immigrating via a family reunification program will not have to be tested.

The hashtag  became popular after the bill passed last year, as many believe it is an example of systemic racism that is still very palpable in the province and its politics.

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