Bahia: Fifth state that most exported in 2018 to Canada










Published 4/09/2019

Bahia is the fifth largest Brazilian state to export to Canada last year. The excellence numbers accredited the capital, Salvador, to enter the CCBC Road Shows circuit in 2019. The Bahia stage, hold on February 11 and 12, highlighted themes such as:

  • Canadian Infrastructure and Investment Opportunities       
  • Technological cooperation
  • Opportunities for import and export of products and services
  • Possibilities of internationalization of companies and startups using the Canadian ecosystem.

“Most of the products exported are from the mining sector. However, other items with higher added value , such as food products, fruits, and granites, among others, are worth noting”, said Armínio Calonga, Business Development at CCBC.

According to the director of institutional relations of the Chamber, Paulo de Castro Reis, Canada is naturally open to exotic, unique products and with history, such as those that represent typical flavors of Brazil. Yet in Reis’ view, the Canadian does not mind paying more for a socially responsible product. “We need to diversify the trade agenda, because we have openness to producers of all sizes”, said the director at the meeting.

The Road Show in Bahia had two events held in Salvador, in partnership with local institutions, such as the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Bahia (AJEBAHIA). The organization took 53 participants to a happy hour, which featured cross-country trade data and new business opportunities. With the Federation of Industries of the State of Bahia (FIEB), the CCBC team was in a meeting in which it presented opportunities and products to companies in the region.

Potential exports to Canada

  • • Food and beverage
  • • Fresh, frozen and fresh fruits
  • • Men and women clothing
  • • Leather goods
  • • Marbles and granites
  • • Sawn timber, flooring and wooden furniture
  • • Medicines and immunological products
  • • Road tractors and agricultural machinery
  • • IT and ICT equipment
  • • Industrial equipment
  • • Processing units (technology)

Source: CCBC – Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada

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