TIFF 2018: Brazilian Co-Productions Feature Mature Cinema

By  Ingrid Cofiman & Leila Monteiro Lins

Photo 1 – Diamantino

Brazil’s co-productions with Argentina, Chile, France, Germany, Portugal, and Netherlands marked the country’s participation during the TIFF 2018. The short and full-length features grabbed the audience’s attention due to the high standard of filmmaking. The Festival is over, but you can still grab some popcorn and head to the theaters to check out the stories below.

Daniel Schmidt


This is the first feature of Portuguese Gabriel Abrantes and U.S.-born Daniel Schmidt. They won the “Critics’ Week Grand Prize” in Cannes 2018 with a mix pop culture, satire, fantasy, among others. The film follows the delirious journey of a leading soccer star who gets involved with neo-fascism, the refugee crisis and genetic modification.

Florianopolis Dream

Argentine writer-director Ana Katz portrays a middle-class family on holiday and their attempt to reconnect during a road trip from Argentina to Brazil. The somehow awkward experience welcomes exciting and unexpected experiences.


This animated short is directed by Guaxuma-Brazil born Nara Normande. She used grains of sand to portray happier childhood times on the beaches and pay homage to a special friend.

The Orphan

This short focuses on Jonathas’s story of adoption, which doesn’t work as initially planned. Directed by São Paulo-based Carolina Markowicz, the film is her latest short film.


Director Benjamín Naishtat approaches the turbulent era of military dictatorship between the 1970s and early ’80s in Argentina. The drama follows a lawyer whose life is shaken after a private detective’s arrival in town.

Too Late to Die Young

Chilean writer Dominga Sotomayor (Thursday Till Sunday ) directs a film about three young people growing up in isolation after their parents move away from a community at the foot of the Andes. Sotomayor has been recognized as one of the most talented of her generation.

Tito and the Birds

In this Brazilian fantasy, oil paintings, digital drawings, and graphic animation depict the mission of 10-year-old Tito and his two friends to find his father’s missing research on bird songs and, consequently, save the world from a disease called fear.


Ingrid Coifman

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