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Brazilian delivery companies make it easier than ever to purchase Brazilian products in Canada

By Rosana Dias Lancsarics | Published 23/08/208


Until recently, it was difficult to satisfy that craving for Brazilian food products in Canada. Most of the time, it was necessary to rely on the good will of friends and family, who brought what they could inside their suitcases. Or, be content with the little variety offered by the Portuguese supermarkets that “adopted” some Brazilian products on their shelves.

This scenario has changed rapidly. In recent years, the number of Brazilian permanent residents in Canada reached 30,000 and new business opportunities have emerged on several fronts. Supermarkets in the Portuguese community and some Canadian networks have increased the number of Brazilian items on the shelves (see box).


Some of the products available in the Canadian market. By LML

Delivery company Snackclick was created in 2016, being focused on the distribution of cheese bread, acai and fruit pulps. “The idea came from the fact that the cheese bread is a product that both Brazilians and Canadians love,” says Fabio Mano, co-founder of Snackclick.

According to Mano, “our intention has never been to be a Brazilian online market, but to offer healthy products that can be identified as Brazilian, as well as other cultures. Most of the items offered have some healthy attribute like: gluten free, natural ingredients, vegan and/or halal.”


Sixteen years ago, a resident of Vaughan and a consumer of Brazilian products, Juliana de Paula (photo), currently the CEO of Brazilian Market, had come to Toronto every time she wanted something Brazilian. “The delivery business was created with the idea of convenience in mind and the realization that many people are looking for it more often nowadays. The company started with about 100 products and today has more than 300 available. We are always looking for new products to add.”




Sales Champion

 Cheese roll from Forno de Minas.

Snackclick and Brazilian Market currently cover the entire GTA – Greater Toronto Area and other nearby cities in Ontario. Snackclick has even dispatched cheese bread to customers in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Brazilian Market also sends out orders through Canada Post and currently has a representative in Niagara Falls named “Brazil in Box”. The two companies can be contacted online ( and and through their social media pages.

When it comes to deliveries, Forno de Minas frozen cheese bread has been catapulted as the top Brazilian preference. The product is imported in several versions by BR4 Trade Corp. “The websites for marketing and home delivery of Brazilian products at the GTA are extremely important in our distribution strategy, making it easier for our consumers to have access to our products”, states Flávio Ferreira,Vice President, Sales & Marketing.

In addition to cheese bread, the “tapioca flour biscuit” and coffee appear at the top of consumers’ preference. Gradually, typical regional products, such as “mandioquinha” and palm oil, have slowly made their way in the Canadian market as well.

More options on the shelves

Supermarkets expand their variety of products

Paul Tavora and his assistant Cátia Borges.   By LML

The Portuguese supermarket chains in Toronto “Távora” and “Nosso Talho”; as well as some stores of the Canadian company No Frills, offer options like guava, marmalade, cookies, coffee, passion fruit juice, granulated chocolate, merengue, coconut cookies and acai. The increase in shelf variety in recent months has been very noticeable.

Ten years ago, Tavora offered less than 10 Brazilian products, but today it has increased to 150 items. According to the company, there was an adjustment due to the growing number of Brazilians coming to Canada. The cheese bread continues to be their champion in sales, both in the stores and the delivery companies. But let’s not forget that farofa, picanha, tapioca, palm oil, among others, have also experienced a higher demand.

Rosana Dias

Rosana is journalist and Public Relations officer.

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