GUIMARAES, Portugal’s birthplace


Guimarães showcases well-preserved medieval buildings like the 10th-cntury Castle, which offers stunning city views. By LML

By Ingrid Coifman | Published 7/06/2018

Guimaraes is considered Portugal’s birth place, where the first king of Portugal Afonso Henriques was born. Its historic town centre is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001, in recognition for its evolution of a medieval settlement melding into a modern town in Europe.






The historical heart of the city has a UNESCO World Heritage protected status. By LML

The Largo da Oliveira has well-preserved gothic architecture, which includes the old town hall, Igreja da Colegiada, and the monument of the Battle of Salado. Lovely squares with outdoor cafes are a highlight of a walking trip along narrow streets full of granite balconies, porticos and



“Tortas de Guimarães” (Guimaraes’ pies) and Toucinho do Céu (bacon from heaven) are good example of local cuisine. By LML





-Dukes of Bragança Palace, built in the style of a French chateau, has a museum displaying furniture and tapestries;
-Romanesque São Miguel do Castelo Church was built in the 13th century;
-Take the cable car to Penha Park for panoramic views;

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