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Published 14/05/2018

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Associated with the joy and relaxation typical of Brazil, cachaça has a deep and serious work behind the stills. In search of its place in the scene of the spirits consecrated in the world, producers are dedicated to improving the drink, in all the stages of production, to take it to the foreign consumer with excellence.


Alcoholic beverages follow detailed criteria to enter Canada and each province has its own commission that oversees the control, distribution and sale of the product. The Cachaça Sebastiana, handcrafted in Américo Brasiliense, in the countryside of São Paulo, is coming to the province of Ontario with the support of the CCBC.

“The work of the Chamber was essential to export our cachaça”, says Carlos Alberto Mattos, president of the Santa Rufina Still, which produces Sebastiana.

From the SIAL Mission in 2017, in which it took part, until the first shipment of boxes to Canadian retail, six months have passed in which all steps for product suitability, packaging, documentation and shipment have been met. “The right contacts, the meetings and tastings, the execution of the rules, everything was done with the care and monitoring of the Chamber”, says the producer.


Cachaça Sebastiana has accumulated several international awards and, in Brazil, it was recently chosen the 4th best aged cachaça in the country, in a ranking of the Paladar Section of the newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo. Aged in oak and chestnut barrels, Sebastiana was developed from market studies that took its producer to Scotland to learn about its single malts, and England, in search of its incredible bourbons.

Seeking the HoReCa segment (hotels, restaurants and cafes), with an agent to represent the brand in Toronto, plans to expand to Quebéc, Mattos traces the route to Sebastiana in Canada. “The market recognizes handcrafted cachaça as a premium product and it will now be easier to enjoy it abroad”, he adds.

Source: Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (CCBC)

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