16 Leaders recognized by the “Davenport Canada 150 Leadership Awards”

By Rosana Dias Lancsarics | Publicado 9/04/2018

In 2017, Canadians from coast to coast celebrated the 150th anniversary of Confederation. In Davenport, one of the ways this special anniversary was celebrated was by recognizing leaders who tirelessly contributed to building that neighbourhood over the years. Ultimately, they played an important role in making a better community, city, and country. Organized by Julie Dzerowicz, Member of Parliament for Davenport, the Davenport Canada 150 Leadership Awards recognized 16 leaders.

Angela Mesquita, a leader in the Brazilian community

Enterpreneur Angela Mesquita, left, with MP Julie Dzerowicz from the Davenport Canada 150 Award event.

Brazilian businesswoman Angela Mesquita has been recognized several times in the past years for her work with the Brazilian community. In the end of 2017, Angela was awarded as “Leader of the Brazilian Community” by MP Julie Dzerowicz.

Enterpreneur Angela Mesquita, left, with MP Julie Dzerowicz from the Davenport Canada 150 Award event.

“Angela Mesquita has been the most loved leader and champion of the Canadian-Brazilian community for over 30 years. In addition to running a successful company, she helps Brazilians find jobs, homes and mobilizes the community around issues such as raising money for cancer research. Angela is an inspiration, not only to the Brazilian community, but also to all Canadians. I’m honoured to have her in the Davenport community.” MP Julie Dzerowicz for Davenport

DISCOVER – How many awards have you received in Canada?
Angela – I received two awards prior to this one. In 1999, the Brazilian Consulate gave me the “Outstanding Brazilian Citizen” award, while in 2003 the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada (NEPMCC) honoured me as “Business Woman”. They are all important, but the Davenport Canada 150 recognizes my work from a social point of view, which makes me extremely proud.

DISCOVER – You’re starting to become better known as an event planner within the Brazilian community. Is this something you would like to carry on doing?
Angela – I am pretty sure partying and having fun run in my veins, but planning events isn’t something I would like to focus on. I do that to help unite the Brazilian community here in Canada. I always say it’ll be my last event, but there’s always another one.

Rosana Dias Lancsarics

Rosana is a journalist and Public Relations officer.

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