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By Leila Monteiro Lins | Published 3/01/2018

Frank Barcellos is one of those born-to-be entrepreneurs, who believes and fights for his goals. In the case of Barcellos, his objectives were linked to Canada, more precisely to Canadian education.

His interest in the country and its educational system came up when he studied in the USA at a Canadian methodology school awarded as best-performing for PISA (International Student Assessment Program) in the United States. From there, his professional path was guided. It is important to notice that he was honored with Canada 150 medal, a tribute the Canadian government paid to those who played an essential role in promoting bilateral relations between Brazil and Canada.

Canadian School of  “Vitória” –  Brazil

Barcellos was responsible for opening the first international school of Espírito Santo, the Canadian School of “Vitória” ictoria. “I was a pioneer and the first Brazilian to go directly to the Canadian government, more specifically at CIDA (Vancouver International Development Agency) seeking to bring Canadian education to Brazil, when I was introduced to a Canadian school chain that was starting its activities in Brazil, Maple Bear”.

Canadian Tourism Commission  and Canada’s Wonderland

Barcellos is the current president of the Brazilian association of these schools. Encouraged by the success of the school, Barcellos also decided to invest in tourism and created the agency Canada Viagens. “Canada offers a series of tours that reveal all the country’s beauty. More than 20 million tourists visited the country in 2016 and the expectation is this number will continue to grow in 2017. “The agency has as a differential to provide customized tours for the most varied groups of travelers,” he says.

In this way, he became a certified specialist by the Canadian Tourism Commission, and represents Canada’s Wonderland, Canada’s largest theme park, which has the Snoopy character as a mascot. Through travel agency, the entrepreneur intends to encourage Brazilian families to visit the park, located 50 km away from downtown Toronto, hosting attractions such as 17 roller coasters, including the famous Leviathan. At about 93 meters high and 1.6 km long, the “toy” reaches a speed of 148 km/h and causes the same sensation of free fall a 28-story building.

“Many Brazilian children love parks in Orlando and have been there with their parents more than once, even being too little. It is time for Brazilian children to be introduced to a new option abroad: Canada’s Wonderland, one of the world’s leading parks. Our goal is to make it popular among Brazilian travelers and becoming a recurring destination among tourists visiting the country,” expects the founder of “Canada Viagens.”

Source: Câmara de Comércio Brasil-Canadá (CCBC)

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