Fad’AZZ by Suzi Silva


By Leila Monteiro Lins

Consulate General of Portugal and Embassy of Portugal in Ottawa presented at the Revival, in Toronto, the singer and composer Suzi Silva last Monday, November 27.

Fad’AZZ is neither Fado nor Jazz. It is a meeting of styles, sounds and colors. A hybrid and mestizo musical project led by the singer and composer Suzi Silva. Suzi speaks Portuguese but also French and tries to bring Fado and Jazz closer by crossing the characteristics of each musical genre.
This project presents jazzy arrangements on fado standards and original compositions resulting from this mixture of universes, including other musics such as the sounds of Latin Jazz, Bossa Nova and other World Music.


Born in Portugal, Suzi moves to Canada at the age of 6. It is among the Portuguese community of Montreal that she first performs in public, at the age of 11, at a local Fado house, surprising by the freshness and the ease of her interpretation. Since then she has been singing. Never leaving Fado aside, she explores other aspects of Portuguese and foreign, traditional and contemporary music. In 2011 she began her studies in Jazz and attended the Jazz Course of the Cultural Association Sítio de Sons (Coimbra) and later the Jobra Music Conservatory (Albergaria-aVelha), where she works with Professor Luísa Vieira (Berklee College of Music). She returns to Canada in July 2013 to pursue her musical identity, devoting herself entirely to music. In 2014 she is admitted into the Jazz Interpretation Program at “Université de Montréal” and ever since she performs in the jazz and world music scene. She frequently displays her versatility as a guest artist and shares the stage with recognized artists from several backgrounds. Her work as a singer and performer spans across Jazz, Bossa Nova and the must-have Fado. More recently, as a composer, she started her project.



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