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1- Pavilhao_Brasil

Brazil, an exhibitor at SIAL CANADA 2017, a major food and beverage trade fair that has been taking place since 2007, presented its largest pavilion ever with 115 square meters from May 2 to 4 in Toronto. Twenty-six Brazilian companies, representing five Brazilian regions, brought a diversity of high quality products in several segments of the food industry. Many products were showcased by different companies: chocolate by Neugebauer, from Rio Grande do Sul; coconut water, coconut milk and coconut oil by DuCoco, from Ceará; rice by Guacira from São Paulo; and cachaça by Pitu from Pernambuco.

2- Ana Lélia Benincá Beltrame

(Photo 2)  Ana Lélia Beltrame,Consul General of Brazil in Toronto

“SIAL is one of the best opportunities for Brazilian companies to exhibit and expand the export of Brazilian food and beverage products in Canada,” said the Consul General of Brazil in Toronto, Ana Lélia Benincá Beltrame.

For the consul-general, SIAL has provided concrete opportunities to export Brazilian products to Canada and other countries. “Brazil’s participation at SIAL since 2007 has certainly contributed to the entry of Brazilian products into the Canadian market, as well as to the development of a community of Brazilian entrepreneurs in Canada,” she said.
The Consul-General has assessed Brazil’s participation in this year’s fair as “a great success, due to the quality of the products presented, the professionalism of the Brazilian participants who attended the fair and the future business deals that have been generated.”

Ana Lélia also highlighted the beauty and functionality of the pavilion. “The food sector has always been a fundamental element of Brazilian exports and the prices of these products are expected to recover in relation to recent low price levels. It is always imperative that Brazil make an effort to diversify its exports, “said the consul-general. “The status as a leading world exporter of food products has always made Brazil an attractive partner for placing its products in Canada. But we must invest more in marketing and expand our contacts with distributors and wholesalers, in addition to expanding the offer, therefore, obtaining more affordable prices for the consumer,” concluded Ana Lélia.


15,000 professional visitors, 930 exhibitors, 60 countries & 240,000 sq.ft. of exhibiting space


(Photo 3)    Cheese bread,  Forno de Minas 

Flávio Ferreira, director of Br4trade, who represented Forno de Minas with their cheese bread, says he has been introducing the Brazilian cheese bread and açaí berry to the Canadian community. He adds that both products have been popular among the Brazilian and Portuguese communities since 2010, when they started being imported to Canada. “Forno de Minas now offers five different kinds of cheese breads for retailers and five others for the food service industry, such as restaurants and hotels. He proudly says that the company also exports to South America, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Frooty sends two açai berry containers a month to Australia and they also ship their products to the United States and Europe.

Brazilian entrepreneurs were unanimous in evaluating this was the best Brazilian pavilion at SIAL and the best trade show ever, in terms of contacts and business potential. One of them claims to have made better contacts in three days in Toronto than in five days at SIAL Paris.


4-Essenciale Guilherme Almeida(Photo 4) Guilherme Almeida, Essenciale Bee Products Director

Also a newcomer to Toronto, Essenciale, from Minas Gerais, is already a winner of three technological innovation awards for its green propolis at SIAL China, competing with 350 products from all over the world. “I think we will have a great opportunity in Toronto,” said Nivia Macedo Freire Alcici, president and CEO. Having Japan as its largest market and also selling to the United States, the goal is to enter the Canadian market. “We have one of the best green propolis in the world, (originally from Minas Gerais using local rosemary), which protects you against various diseases,” he explained.




SIAL CANADA takes place yearly alternating between Toronto and Montreal and next year it will be in Montreal, from May 2nd to 4th, 2018.

José Francisco Schuster

Schuster has been a journalist for 30 years. He writes a blog on the Brazilian Community in Canada.

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