The audacity of Brazilian and Canadian entrepreneurs

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By Wesley Marques

In order to establish long term partnerships, Brazilian and Canadian companies face tough barriers to trade limit their success.
As international business consultants, we have observed a significant increase in Brazilian Small and Medium (SMEs) business enterprises interested in establishing long-term partnerships with Canadian companies. On the other hand, we have also received many inquiries from Canadian companies interested in strengthening their trade ties with Brazil.

On the Brazilian side, wine, craft beer and sugarcane spirits, producers of clothesline and gemstones are looking for Canadian importers and distributors, and offer high quality products with very competitive prices. On the Canadian side, craft beer, wine, accessories for tablets, tool markers and medical device producers are seeking Brazilian partners that can help them expand their businesses in a market that is eager for new products and technologies.

Bilateral agreements

Brazilian and Canadian organizations have been getting new contracts and business agreements through trade missions, fairs, international events and by investing in targeted advertising media. At the same time, the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada has become an essential element in the strengthening of trade relations between both countries, especially in arbitration issues. Government and consulting agencies which offer companies strategies for implementing their international trade development plans are increasingly equally essential.
Thus, in a world with increasingly protectionist trends, where the economic blocs inevitably end up setting the commercial priorities of its own members, innovative business strategies become even more necessary. Two economic giants such as Brazil and Canada, certainly still have a vast path of trade cooperation to be explored, but it is necessary that both country governments are equally as bold as their entrepreneurs.

CardioComm Solutions

One of the Canadian companies interested in entering the Brazilian market is CardioComm Solutions Inc., which specializes in medical software and ECG portable devices. The company is located in Toronto and currently exports to over 10 countries. It is a leader in its industry.

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Wesley Marques: Vice-president of CLA Trade Business Consulting
CLA Trade Business Consulting is an international trade and business development consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations to develop sustainable growth strategies through successful expansion into international markets. Both its founders are Brazilian who have lived in Canada.

Wesley Marques

Vice-president of CLA Trade Business Consulting

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