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Djordje Hrstich & Telmo DaSilva | Ipanema Valley

As we celebrate 15 years of history, we want to thank all of our clients who have trusted us for their success. Ipanema Valley is one of those clients. Djordje and Telmo came to us back in 2012 with the dream of starting their own business in Canada. Like any other start-up breaking into a new market, they started small, bringing their famous (and delicious!) 100% organic banana “brownie” in single pallet shipment. A year later it became three pallets, then six, and today, Ipanema Valley brings more than 2 containers a year to fill their very receptive market.

And the question is, what made them a successful business? The answer is simple. They did their homework before starting the actual business. By the time they had their first meeting with MELLOHAWK Logistics, they already knew their market was busy millennials, their product had a health appeal, and their suppliers were capable to meet the initial demand.

MELLOHAWK Logistics helped them to identify the requirements for their supplier to start exporting from Brazil and helped them evaluate their business plan. Logistics plays a key role during the planning part of a business, and a company with the knowhow of MELLOHAWK Logistics helped them to save money and time. A simple signature missing in a document may delay a shipment for days, weeks or months! Companies need good advice early in the planning stage.
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MELLOHAWK Logistics is fundamentally a combination of success stories, determination, persistence, hard work, and passion. For 15 years we have provided the highest quality service to ensure our maximum eff¬ort on helping our clients to thrive because their success is our success.

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