Tips to Welcome LGBT tourists


Embratur supports initiative by the Ministry of Tourism to enhance services to this major segment


LGBT tourists (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Transgender) represent 10% of travelers in the world and account to 15% of the sector’s revenues, according to data by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). In order to improve service to these travelers, who make up an important segment of the global tourism market, the Ministry of Tourism, with the support of Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Board), developed new educational material, including a booklet: “Tips to Welcome LGBT tourists.”

In the publication, which is available in print and online formats, representatives from Brazilian trade will find information about legality, basic concepts and how to welcome LGBT travelers and tips. Among the concepts covered in the guide are the difference between gender identity, biological sex and sexual orientation. 19,000 copies were produced to be distributed to state and municipal tourism representatives.

“The Tourism Ministry is aware of the public identified as priorities by the National Tourism Plan. We need to understand the needs of each traveler profile to provide the best service possible to make the tourist experience in the country even more positive,” said Tourism Minister Marx Beltrao.


LGBT tourism is one of the fastest growing segments in the world

With the same reasoning, the president of Embratur, Vinicius Lummertz, reinforces that LGBT tourism is one of the fastest growing segments in the world and an attractive niche for tourist destinations. “The LGBT segment is considered one of the most attractive for the tourist market and moves USD$54 billion each year. Focused on this potential, Embratur supports and applauds the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism with this new guide;” Mr. Lummertz says. He also noted that Embratur celebrates actions to develop tourism in Brazil and also attract more foreigners with this profile to the country.

In the chapter “Tips for hosting well,” establishments are advised to treat customers by their social name, offer promotions for couples and special occasions, and recommend always using the term sexual orientation. The initiative is a partnership between the Ministry of Tourism with the National Council to Combat Discrimination and Promotion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender; and the Ministry of Justice.

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Source: Visit Brasil / Embratur

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