Life in Peterborough & The Kawarthas

A place with a unique blend of small town, cottage living and urban lifestyle

By Ingrid Coifman | Photos by Michael Hurcomb



         Cottage overlooking lake in Peterborough & Kawarthas | Photo by Michael Hurcomb


The community is vibrant. Its natural beauty is breathtaking. It is a place with a unique blend of small town, cottage living and urban lifestyle. Peterborough & the Kawarthas region, located just 90 minutes from Toronto, appeals to those interested in quality of life and work-life balance. Its strong infrastructure includes the Peterborough Airport – Canada’s busiest small airport with the longest paved civil runway between Ottawa and Toronto, and over 65,000 flight annually.

Creative City

Known for its affordable cost of living, Peterborough is one of Canada’s most creative cities, with more than 30% of the labour force employed in creative (driven by knowledge and innovation) occupations. The city is also home to three post-secondary institutions – Fleming College, Trent University and Seneca College’s School of Aviation. Over 11,000 full-time students attend these institutions.

The region boasts the highest rate of immigrant entrepreneurship in Canada at 36%. Its diverse economy has long been represented by industrial, agricultural and cultural businesses cooperation. Booming sectors include: advanced manufacturing, aerospace, agriculture, water technologies, tourism and small business.


                                      Trent University’s Bata library overlooking the Otonabee River

Authentic experiences

Peterborough & the Kawarthas is not over-developed or over-priced. It’s relatively unspoiled, true to its heritage and easy to get to. These unique attributes, along with an impressive list of things to do (see box), ensure that the area offers truly natural and authentic experiences. Visitors can enjoy cycling on the trails, dining at restaurants with farm-fresh food; or discover the vibrant arts & culture scene via waterways by boat and dockside.


Things to do:



– Outdoor Recreation: cycling, hiking, nordic skiing, snowmobiling; five provincial parks;

– Attractions include: Canadian Canoe Museum, Peterborough Lift Lock, Petroglyphs Provincial Park;

– Galleries, symphony, and a free summer music festival (Peterborough Musicfest).

– Lakes- boating, canoeing/kayaking, fishing, cottaging;

– Food & Drink – local restaurants committed to sourcing and serving local food.



•2015 Population: City of Peterborough – 83,410; Total Region: 140,051
•The fastest growing cohort in Peterborough is 18-34 year olds – meaning that the region has a growing pool of young professionals and entrepreneurs;
•It’s considered to be a supportive community for new Canadians. Peterborough has the highest rate of newcomer entrepreneurship in the country, with 36% of immigrants being self-employed.

Foto-5 Marcelo Sarkis

Marcelo Sarkis: An entrepreneur strengthening ties between Brazil & Canada

Marcelo Sarkis lives in Peterborough and has been involved in promoting and strengthening Canada-Brazil relations with Peterborough and surrounding regions. He has been recognized in the region and the media as an individual working to strengthen the local economy by fostering ties with Brazil. A trade mission to Brazil is being organized by Marcelo for the next months.

Ingrid Coifman

Ingrid is a journalist and PR, who specializes in technology, economics, and tourism, having in her portfolio Culture TV, CBN Radio, McDonalds and Microsoft.

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