Last December, the foreign investment in Brazil reached its monthly record, with US$ 15.2 billion, according to data presented by the Brazilian Central Bank at the end of January. The sum of 2015 registered US$ 75 billion in investments, mainly from Canada, France, The Netherlands, Japan, Spain, United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Cayman Islands.

The devaluation of the Real and the repricing of some assets favor external investments. The head representative of the National Bank of Canada in Brazil and South America director, Guillaume Légaré, has realized, over the last months of 2015, a growing interest of Canadian investors in Brazil, especially of those who have been following the economic scenario for years. “Those are companies that want to enter in the country mainly by means of acquisitions and partnerships”, says the director.

To Légaré, there are great opportunities at this moment. Canadian investors show preference for companies consolidated in the market, in industries such as agribusiness, renewable energy and mining. “Canadian companies have even higher interest in exporting companies or those with potential to export, considering the strength of the main foreign currencies in regards to the Real.”

Those US$ 75 billion in external investments in 2015, although below of what was demonstrated in the previous year (accounted US$ 97 billion), are higher than the US$ 66 billion estimated by the government in the beginning of the year.

Data presented by the Central Bank also shows that most of the investment was destined to the sector of services, mainly to telecommunications, electricity and gas, real estate activities, financial institutions, health companies and technology services.

The industrial sector comes right after in the preference of foreign investors, with highlight to chemicals, food and beverage industry, IT equipment and electrical material factories, machine and equipment industry and automotive industry.

The agricultural sector, the exploration of oil and the extraction of ores comes in 3thplace.

The projection of the government for 2016 is that external productive resources in the Brazilian economy will be at approximately US$ 60 billion.


Source: Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada;-the-total-amount-was-record-in-dece

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