The Brazilian Government welcomes authorities from different countries representing the Toronto Pan Am Games and Olympic Committees

By Danielle Marinho | Photos by Dave Burke | 17/07/2015

During the morning of 16th of July, the space of Time Brasil in Toronto, located on the Distillery Historic District, promoted the event “Rio Brazil 2016” in partnership with the Consulate of Brazil and the Brazilian Tourism Board, Embratur.

Welcomes remarks by the Ambassador José Vicente de Sá Pimentel, Consul of Brazil in Toronto, Mr. Vinicius Lummertz, CEO of Embratur, and Mr. Ricardo Leyser, Executive Secretary of Sports. Authorities in several areas, especially in sports, like Carlos Artur Nuzman, Bernard Rajzman, Alex Correa, Minister of Defense, Marcel Aubut, the President of the Canada Olympic Committee, Ambassador Vera Cintia Alvares, among others, has attended the event.

José Vicente Pimentel started the event with some words: “I would like to thank the presence of a few very important Brazilian authorities. It’s always a pleased to welcome, in Toronto, some Brazilian high level delegations.”

According to Mr. Pimentel, between Brazil and Canada, “there is a serious deficit in our diplomatic traffic. I think that both countries would benefit great for more exposure from one to another, so mission and events like this are very welcome. Tourism has become a huge industry worldwide. The technological revolutions, both in communications and transport, have made the world a lot smaller and have raised the expectations from everyone to know more about the world.”

For the Consul of Brazil in Toronto, José Pimentel, “sports are a fabulous thing. They grow beyond that. Sports are a school, where you learn to compete and to respect your opponent and to respect the other. So is very important in the country like Brazil and Canada. Both sports and tourism wouldn’t be as big as they are if they weren’t fun. I hope they will bring closer Brazil and Canada.”

During the event, Ricardo Leyser, Executive Secretary of Sports, spoke a few worlds about the Olympic Games that is going to be held in Brazil, in 2016.

For Mr. Leyser, “we are here sharing experience of how to organize big events like the Pan American Games and Olympic Games. Brazil is working very hard to deliver great games next year.”

For Vinicius Lummertz, CEO of Embratur, “Tourism has grown in Brazil. It is a changing experience for us. We are investing more than 20 billion to make the Olympics Games a good experience. We can see on returning of investments, even if takes times.”

Even if the Olympic Games are a year from now, we could see on this type of event that the Brazilian authorities has the idea to put the effort together with other countries to make the 2016 Games the best experience for the athletes, their families and visitors from all over the world.

Danielle Marinho

Danielle is a journalist and huge sports fan. From Rio de Janeiro, she has been working as an international correspondent.

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