Castelao: Sustainability is a priority

Photo by Castelao stadium by ME-Portal da Copa

Fortaleza is the fifth largest city in the country with over 2.4 million people. The capital of the State of Ceará is well known for its blue-green seas, sandy beaches, prime resorts and modern public markets and malls. The city also features the Sea Dragon Art and Culture Centre and the Beach Park – Brazil’s largest water park.

The stadium Castelão is the first one to be ready for the 2014 World Cup. The venue was remodeled to have a total seating capacity of around 64,000 in an area with parking (1,900 spaces), swimming pools, executive boxes, media centre, mixed use zone, multi-use gymnasium, among others. In addition, the rooftop cover is coated with thermal-acoustic material, which doesn’t absorb the heat and allows air to circulate. The entire project will cost about US$ 262 million.

Castelao will host six games and a final quarter game. Also, access to the stadium has been upgraded, with the creation of four exclusive bus lanes, an LRV (a light rail vehicle) line and two metro stations. The complex is expected to house restaurants, cinemas, a hotel and an Olympic centre.

The International Airport Pinto Martins has been renovated and should be ready in December of 2013. The project is budgeted in at US$ 98 million. Another big project under construction is the Aquarium Ceara with an area of 21,500 square metres, and 25 water tanks containing around 500 species. The total investment is US$ 152 million.

Leila Monteiro Lins

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