Cuiaba is modern and well-designed city that is home to almost 600,000 people. It has a tropical wet and dry climate and summer temperatures average just over 40ºC. The city also serves as a gateway to various tourist destinations. As some of you go fishing, others may want to get acquainted with some of the fantastic wildlife of the Pantanal or visit the the Chapada dos Guimarães National Park. Such diversity is noticeable in the regional cuisine that offers a variety of dishes prepared with local fish such as pacu, pintado and piraputanga. Brazilian beef jerky and the famous carreteiro rice dish are amongst other favourites of the region. These dishes are typically eaten by the Pantanal cowboys as they travel throughout the area leading the cattle from one field to another.

Well known for its ecotourism, Cuiabá is getting ready to host four of the 2014 World Cup matches at the brand new Arena Pantanal. The investment is around US$263 million and the new stadium will boast a capacity of 43,000 with 17,000 adaptable stands, making it possible to be reduced in size once Brazil 2014 is over. The beautiful natural lakes and flora and fauna will encompass the multi-purpose complex which will have restaurants, hotels, and parking lots.


Cuiabá has an extensive list of 90 different hotels. The Marechal Rondon International Airport is ready to handle around 2,500 passengers.


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