FindBrazil connects foreign investors to Brazil


By Jose Francisco Schuster

Brazil recently turned into one of the most attractive markets in the world, being able to be economically stable while most of the world goes through a downturn. With a flourishing middle class, many sectors including agriculture, manufacturing and mining sectors are on the rise. Brazil has become more notable for its scientific and technological developments, with a lot of room to grow. FindBrazil was founded about one year ago and its purpose was to provide consulting services to foreigners so that they could enter the Brazilian market. Brazilian companies are aiming to attract investors or allies for both their national and international expansion.

FindBrazil was founded by Lukas Lins Vilar . It is based in Brazil, but plans to operate worldwide. It already has an office in Toronto, the powertrain of Canadian economy and close to the US’s major financial centres. From Europe, operations will start soon, probably in The Hague, Netherlands. The organization already counts on a number of partners in areas such as law and accounting, with several contacts with the Brazilian government.

“Foreign investors see Brazil as a great opportunity, with its solid economic growth rate above the European and North American averages”, says Vilar, FindBrazil’s President & CEO. He points out that although Brazil’s growth is below the average of other BRIC’s countries, it surpasses China and Russia on law stability. Brazil has also less bureaucracy than India and Russia, being more competitive. Besides that, Brazilian language and culture are easier for one to adapt.

Government incentives

Brazilian businessmen, on the other hand, count on a series of government incentives to export – actually, Brazilian harbours, roads, railroads and customs operations are having difficulty keeping up with the growth in trade. Vilar hopes Brazil will turn the focus of its exports to manufactured products and benefit from their higher value. The recent government investment of more than US$ 27 billion in harbours, railroads, and other measures, provides an opening for private investments. Lowering the costs will help Brazilian exports to be even more competitive.
With major events scheduled for the next few years, such as the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016, Brazil will catch even more international attention and will be able to show the world so much more other than tropical forests and beautiful women.

Business between Canada and Brazil has already begun soaring, with US$ 28 million in trade and in investments in 2010. Bilateral trade has grown 42% in the last five years, reaching US$ 6.6 billion in 2011. Exports from Canada to Brazil accounted for US$ 2.7 billion, including fertilizers, fuel, machinery, paper and electronics. “But there is a lot of room for development in several areas”, says Vilar.

At this point, FindBrazil is already working with some Canadian technology companies searching for opportunities in Brazil. The organization was present at “Canada 3.0” – the largest conference about digital media, as well as at “Brazil-Canada 3.0”, which took place for the first time in the estate of Paraiba, Northeast of Brazil, last December.

FindBrazil is also working well with hotels in the scenic Brazilian Northeast. They are not only looking for foreign investments, but also for partnerships to expand in Brazil. Theorganization is also promoting some Brazilian capitals abroad. Through forums about business opportunities in the country, they include information on how to obtain financing from Brazilian banks and government incentives.

José Francisco Schuster

Schuster has been a journalist for 30 years. He writes a blog on the Brazilian community.