‘Goal to Brazil’ highlights Amazonas in Canada


by Ingrid Coifman | Photos by Teresa Oliveira

The 2014 World Cup promotional tour “Goal to Brazil” stopped in Toronto last November 1st at the Ritz Carlton Hotel to present to media and tourism professionals, as well as authorities and investors. Coordinated by the Brazilian Tourism Institute, Embratur, the event aims to promote the 12 host-cities of the 2014 World Cup FIFA in the international market as tourism destinations.

Road show – Amazonas

The 6th edition of the road show focused on Amazonas and in its capital, Manaus, bringing Marco Antonio de Britto Lomanto, director of product and destination of Embratur; Oreni Braga, president of Amazonas State Tourism (Amazonastur); Miguel Capobiango Neto, coordinator of Manaus Cup Manager’s Unit (UGP Copa); and Jean-Edouard Courcier, Senior Manager of Hospitality Business & Services at FIFA. Chef Felipe Schaedler prepared pirarucu (fish from Amazonas region) with nuts, tucupi soup and jelly with tapioca for the public to sample. Also, a local show based on Parintins Folklore Festival (one of the major culture events in Brazil) was presented.

According to Lomanto, Brazil sees the series of events as an important opportunity to showcase Brazilian culture and diverse tourism products. “We know that Canadians like long-distance travel and appreciate ecotourism and adventure. Amazonas has lots of options when it comes to those options,” he says, adding that Canada sends around 70,000 travelers to Brazil every year and the numbers have increased in recent years, according to the tourism office.

Canada is also on the list of 17 countries considered a priority to Brazil and Embratur officials are hoping to see the number of tourists increase dramatically before, during, and after the World Cup. Lomanto expects that around 25% of the 600,000 foreign visitors to Brazil only during the games will prolong their stay in the country. In the year 2014, a total of 7.2 million international tourists are expected to visit the country.

‘Goal to Brazil’ is a 14-country Brazil-travel workshop that started in July and has already visited Chile, Argentina, Colombia, France, Portugal and, recently, Canada. The events continue to be held until May of 2013 in the following countries: Italy, Spain, Mexico, Germany, England, Peru, Uruguay, and The United States. In each edition of the meeting, a host-city plays host and stands out.


Ingrid Coifman

Ingrid is a journalist who specializes in technology, economics, and tourism, having in her portfolio Culture TV, CBN Radio, McDonalds and Microsoft.

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