Brazilian Art Exhibition at City Hall Toronto


Date: From August 27 to September 2, 2012
Location: City Hall – Toronto – Promoter: Tania Nutall

Support: Solange Escosteguy

The photos provide a good sample of the beauty and diversity of the Brazilian geography. They depict also the multiplicity and mixture the Brazilian people is made of.

The painters reveal, by their turn, a mix of techniques and a diverseness of themes that is representative of the Brazilian culture too.

Six photographers and seven painters:
Avi Neto, Beto Jardim, Carlito Palmeira, Christiano de Araujo, Denise Militzer, Eliana Rigol, Gustavo Toledo, Joao Paulo Barbosa, Raissa Ferrari, Sandro Liberato, Selma de Abreu, Solange Escosteguy, William Bibiano da Silva.

A country of migrants as well, Brazil is the unique assemblage of Portuguese, First Nations, Africans, Asians. In short: men and women from almost everywhere in the world.

Surprising as it may sound, this unlikely mélange of races, languages, religions originated a one language-one culture 200 million people Nation.

The Exhibit is a simple and necessarily limited evidence of this evolution.

Source: Solange Escosteguy, Toronto, August 27, 2012.


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  1. I’m Brazilian and I’m extremely happy about such great news!!! I can’t hlardy wait to watch this movie, I’m a huge fan of the Hunger Games trilogy! Suzanne Collins is one of the best fantasy writers ever!!! BTW, I am also a big fan of your website, you guys are great and amazing for keeping the whole world updated about the Hunger Games My best wishes to you all!!!


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