Aline Morales releases her first solo CD

By Jose Francisco Schuster

Lula Lounge, one of the most prominent Latin night clubs in Toronto, was packed on the 22nd of May for the release of Aline Morales´s solo debut album, “Flores, Tambores e Amores” (Flowers, Drums and Loves). Prior to the official launch, the “The Grid” site called it “possibly the best Brazilian album ever made in Canada.”
Aline celebrates modestly and explains that the CD is a combination of influences, such as samba masters (Cartola and Paulinho da Viola), forro (Jackson do Pandeiro and Luiz Gonzaga) and pop by Radiohead.
Maracatu: Rhythm from the Northeast Region of Brazil
Aline´s accomplished work has captivated Canada in only seven years. Her gentle appearance and soft voice perfectly fit the work she has been developing. She is the lead singer of the Maracatu group Baque de Bamba where she skilfully handles bug and snare drums with an electrifying and contagious rhythm. Aline played a crucial role in introducing Maracatu in Canada, a traditional rhythm from Northeast Brazil, namely from the state of Pernambuco. Maracatu is known for its strong percussion and frenetic rhythm. It has its roots in the so called congadas, crowning ceremony festivities of African kings and queens.
Having moved to Canada was the finale to becoming a singer. “It wasn’t in my plans to have a singer title, but it happened”, Aline says. Approximately half of Baque de Bamba´s group, consisting of 40 Canadian members who did not speak Portuguese, had given her the opportunity to take the lead. “Samba is a faster and more explosive rhythm, while Maracatu is slower, groovier. So I think it’s easier for people to understand and to show interest and participate in Maractu.”
She is glad the rhythm makes people want to know more about Brazilian tradition and history and even about Brazil overall. Many members of the group have gone to Brazil and have learned how to speak Portuguese. She promises to release a CD in several different capitals of Brazil this year still.

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