Pernambuco: an example of progress and development



Eduardo Campos
By Marcio Rollemberg

Campos, Pernambuco’s governor – Photo by Roberto Pereira
Pernambuco: An example of progress and development

The experts believe the northeast of Brazil’s economy should grow by up to 10% by the end
of the year, the same rate as China’s. Pernambuco has been the state that has grown the most in the region and it is considered an
example of progress for the country. The state’s economic success assured popular governor Eduardo Campos’ re-election with 80% of the vote. In this
interview with Discover Brazil, Campos explains how Pernambuco became a model of development.

Discover Brazil – The Suape Port and Industrial Complex has become the largest development centre in the country. How did this happen?

Eduardo Campos – I credit its success to the partnerships our administration started and I can also tell you we did
our homework really well. We understood Pernambuco by itself couldn’t make Suape the large complex it is nowadays. We went to the private sector and to
the great public banks to show them that investing is Suape was worth it and they would have a guaranteed profit.

DB – A commission from Pernambuco’s government came to Canada last year focusing on making new economic partnerships. What progress
has been made so far?

EC – The main purpose for our trip was to make
possible business with the oil exploitation sector which was very profitable.
We came back home with great investment possibilities that are still being negotiated.
The opportunity also gave us the chance to introduce the Suape Global project
to Canadian entrepreneurs, which is our player in the oil, gas and off-shore
industries. I also learned about the experiences of the largest port in Canada,
in Vancouver.

DB – What could the other states learn from Pernambuco?

EC – Pernambuco has became the state in Brazil
that grows the most. We have created new strategies that have goals and always verify them. I check the results
personally. That way we can have priorities, replace bad expenses with good
ones and increase the ability of the
state to invest, especially in the areas chosen by those who pay their taxes
and have the right to have good quality public services. Those are the values
that I have and whoever works with me has to think the same way.

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