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LABATT focuses on responsible drinking



By Leila Monteiro Lins

Considered the largest brewer in Canada, Labatt was the first brewery in the country to launch a responsible drinking program and to introduce a “near-zero alcohol” beer. By the end of 2011, the company plans to launch a new moderation campaign with billboard ads across Canada inviting Canadians to take a pledge to not drink and drive. In this interview with Discover Brazil, Brazilian-born Rafael Gonçalves, Labatt’s vice-president of finance, explains how Labatt has dealt with competition and social responsibility.

DB Do you think that the fact of being Labatt brewery increases its social responsibility? Are there any projects in this area?

RG – We have the same corporate responsibility as any major company. We have always believed in supporting the communities where we do business and run a variety of sponsorship and donation programs. Labatt has done this for more than 160 years and we have a wide variety of projects and programs we will be undertaking in 2011 and the years ahead.

DB – What are Labatt’s initiatives for propagating the concept of responsible drinking?

RG – For close to three decades, Labatt has been a pioneer and taken a leadership role in the promotion of responsible drinking. The company has devoted considerable resources to encourage consumers, particularly young adults, to enjoy its beers responsibly and moderately.

Labatt was the first Canadian brewery to launch a moderation program and the first to introduce a “near-zero alcohol” beer. As part of its collaborative approach over the years, Labatt has partnered with local law enforcement agencies, urban transit commissions and organizations such as the Canadian Red Cross, to develop campaigns that promote consumer safety and responsible drinking behaviour.

DB – What do Labatt’s beers have that other beers/drinks do not have?

RG – All Labatt beers have heritage and unsurpassed quality and taste. One of the main advantages of being part of AB InBev, the biggest beer company in the world, is that we can offer Canadian consumers a portfolio of products that is unmatched in its breadth and range of styles and tastes.



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