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Discover’s 10th anniversary celebrations continue to showcase the series “Life in Canada” (A Vida no Canadá), which features Brazilian and Portuguese people who left their home countries to pursue their dreams, overcome obstacles and succeed in a new country.

In this special issue, José Bacellar shares his story with new immigrants and inspires us to contribute through solidarity and hard work. His story is an example of patience and perseverance, which mark the lives of so many newcomers to Canada. Now, he is achieving his goal of helping patients in Latin America through his venture VerdeMed.

Stories like this motivate us to be the better version of ourselves, while supporting others along the way. In this journey, networking is key to getting to know others and sharing our skills. The reporter Jandy Sales talks about ‘Networking Para Brasileiros’, a group that promotes connections between residents and new immigrants.

The columnist Hewton Tavares discusses alternative careers, which allow immigrants to pursue fundamental skills while saving money to search for regulated professions in the medium to long term.

Another great way to adapt to new life here is through volunteering. The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), which runs from September 5-15, will offer great opportunities to learn about the movie industry while interacting with audiences and movie stars.

Our tourist destination is paradisiac Aracaju. Located in Northeastern Brazil, this young, well-planned city impresses visitors with its unspoiled beauty and simplicity. In central Portugal, Coimbra charms students from all over the world with its bohemian lifestyle.

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