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Our team was honoured and thrilled with the presentation of the award bestowed upon us by the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada. DISCOVER magazine was selected for “best editorial, visual concept, and services provided to the Portuguese-speaking community in Canada.” We wanted to share this achievement with all our readers, community members and supporters, whom are the source of our inspiration in writing important stories that are happening in our multicultural society.

It has been nine years of dedication and hard work to promote Canada, appealing to the Portuguese and Brazilian communities. We are proud of building a publication that has a strong online presence and continues to expand in its print format.

In this celebratory edition, we have brought one of the most beloved Brazilian starches to the cover page. The “tapioca revolution” arrived in Toronto with delicious taste that is gluten free.

And who would have thought there is surfing in Canada? You will learn the story of surfer Antonio Lennert, who is riding the waves in below zero temperatures.

In our Special Report, Mississauga, the sixth largest city in the country, has built a “Smart City” through technology, connecting public and private sectors. DISCOVER also recognized the work of Angela Mesquita, a large contributor to our community. The entrepreneur was recognized among 16 leaders for her role in making a better city through the “Davenport Canada 150 Leadership Awards.”

In our Tourism pages, we focused on Northern Portugal, a fantastic region well-known for its medieval hilltop villages and castles, as well as mountains and wineries. We hope you visit soon!


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