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In this edition, we are starting to publish a series of reports about the work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which are making a positive impact in Portuguese-speaking communities around the globe. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, “Gamboa Ação”, is providing education, sports, leisure and culture for children and youth, contributing to fight poverty in the country.

In Toronto, Abrigo Centre, which opened its doors 28 years ago, has programs for Portuguese-speaking women, as well as youth and seniors. The organization relies on staff and its 93 volunteers (who dedicated a total amount of 15,000 hours last year!) to deliver its services in the community.

These initiatives inspire us to get involved and contribute in the best possible way to support social causes close to our hearts. In addition to making a difference in the lives of many, it’ll be a rewarding, life changing experience!

Another story will show how companies are making our lives easier by delivering beloved Brazilian products such as tapioca, farofa, picanha, and marmalade straight to our doorstep. Many local supermarkets are following the trend and carrying these products on their shelves.

In Tourism, we shared some alternative outings to discover Toronto’s local neighbourhoods. Lots of nature, coffee, arts and sports are on the itinerary!

Speaking of being off the beaten path, Setubal and Aveiro offer beautiful getaways beyond the well-known Lisbon-Porto circuit.

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