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20 windmills stand as witnesses to the island’s large production of cereals exported over the centuries, giving the island the nickname of the “breadbasket of the Azores”



By Leila Monteiro Lins | Photos by Teresa Oliveira  

Classified by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, the island of Graciosa is the second smallest of the archipelago and also the one with the least imposing terrain, with several flat areas and smooth hills. The beautiful scenery of the island justifies its name: Graciosa (charming). This reserve is a nesting area of international importance for its rare species of birds.


Ihéu da Baleia (Baleia Islet) :

22_GRA_Baleia's islet



It has crystaline waters and is protected by rocks. The famous whale shaped islet lies next to Ponte da Barca.




Regional Food

The popular queijadas of Graciosa (Graciosa custards) was inspired by the centuries-old recipe of the Portuguese custard tart. Other local delicacies include cavacas, escomilhas, capuchas and pasteis de arroz.






Where to Stay:

Moinho de Pedra: Estrada do Aeroporto, 9 – Santa Cruz da Graciosa | (351) 295-712-501 |www.moinho-de-pedra.pt | João Luiz

Where to Eat:

Quinta das Grotas: Caminho das Grotas, 28 – Guadalupe | quintadasgrotas@hotmail.com | Graciosa Resort: (351) 910-205-589 | a.torres@graciosahotel.com | www.graciosahotel.com

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